Hey There


It’s me, Jess! I am married to the love of my life. Tyler. We live in a cute one bedroom flat and we are the most spontaneous people ever. Also, he made me believe in soul mates. Do not let anyone tell you those don’t exist. They are wrong. I love being outside, especially under the sun and on a beach. Or in a forest. I like that too *said the Washingtonian…* Snow and winter is not my favourite by any means. It is only allowed the week of Christmas! I served an LDS mission in southern England. I absolutely loved it. I love England and all the people there. I consider myself half English now… And yes, that is where I met my husband!

I love writing and taking pictures. I have been quite the avid journal keeper ever since I learned how to write. And in third grade I held the record for most books published in class 😉 … So I set up this blog to let friends and family know what the heck Tyler and I are up to these days in a tiny town in Eastern Idaho as well as this being my online journal to share stories, adventures, thoughts, and every day life experiences and lessons.

This is more of a creative outlet for me and something I enjoy doing and have done for so long.